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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Soulful hidden escape of... Wendy's Secret Garden

You will be whisked away to a magical and enchanting world when you step foot into the hidden haven that is Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden.  I can't tell you enough what a priveledge it was to discover this hidden GORGEOUS LUSH GREEN rainforest setting in Sydney that is so lovingly preserved and cherished so that curious and nature loving souls like me... can be transported to a world of mystery and art.  It set the scene for a perfect post lunch romantic stroll on the weekend xo

Wendy Whiteley (wife of artist Brett Whiteley) lovingly restored this area of Lavendar Bay in honour of her husband Brett Whiteley and also as the resting place of his ashes.  Here she has turned the once desolate wasteland it into a whimsical and charming world of lush green beauty, scattered with hidden artistic treasures and statues where the locals who are 'in the know' can explore and savour every step, sight, sound and smell.  I could have certainly been a character from the book The Secret Garden... as I remained in awe of the beautiful ferns, palm trees, intricate maze of pathways and stairways amongst a remarkably enchanting and tranquil setting.  It makes for a soulful picnic spot too... where getting lost in a book under the blanket of thick tree branches will have you truly grateful for your peaceful weekend.  These pics will convince you to go and find this hidden gem!

Lavender Street, Lavender Bay, Sydney NSW Australia
Located near Clark Park.... just follow small stairs leading down from Clark Park (keep your eyes wide open as there are no signs for Wendy's Secret Garden!)


  1. So beautiful! All of your pictures just transport me to this serene garden :)
    Looks like the perfect place for a quiet stroll...

  2. This is true paradise.
    Saya do you have an email where I can contact you?

    xx Tegan

  3. It IS true paradise!... Tegan I just sent you an email ;)